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Nampa Babe Ruth League

Head Coach and Assistant Coach

Nampa Babe Ruth league allows for 1 Head Coach and up to 3 Asst. Coaches per team.

If you are planning on coaching with Nampa Babe Ruth in 2021 please fill out a background packet and return to your Division Director or bring to any walk in registration. 
If you did NOT coach in 2020 please fill out the2021 New Coach Packet If you DID coach in 2020 please fill out the 2021 coach renewal form
Once your background has been completed, your application will be processed and your photo will be taken for your ID badge. 

There is no one single action that can have more of a positive impact on our players than improving the quality and knowledge of our managers and coaches. Managers and coaches are the ones who spend the most time interacting with our participants and the ones who can make a child's experience in youth sports fun and memorable. Therefore, it is vital for youth coaches to be properly trained to focus more on the child's baseball and softball experience and less on winning games.

Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth is requiring all coaches to take an online Youth Protection and Reporting class. A certification is not required to become a Head Coach or an Asst. Coach. The Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball league also has an optional online Coaching Certification Program that is developed and delivered by the American Sport Education Program in conjunction with Babe Ruth League and Ripken Baseball.

click here to continue to the 2020 Coaching Certification process.

League Approved Parent Volunteer

A league approved parent volunteer is required to sign the parent release of liability waiver to assist with practice in the Rookies, Minors, Majors and Preps divisions and in all softball divisions. In the T-Ball division it is required from all parents that assist on the field. 


The scorekeeper will be responsible for keeping an accurate score during the game either in a scorebook and/or game changer app.

Team Manager/Team Mom

  • Some responsibilities of a Team Manager/Team mom may include:
  • Organize the parents of the players of his or her team to carry out work necessary for the teams function. These job assignments are typically those of Scorekeeper, Assistant Scorekeeper, and Team Mother/Father.  When home team, provide a qualified scorekeeper for each scheduled game and be responsible for the submission of scorebook. Be responsible for fundraising and picture packets. Create snack schedule. Ensure parent participation in keeping areas around bleachers and dugouts clean. Help to maintain order in the dugout. Help clean up the dugout and field at the conclusion of the game. 
  • Field Maintenance

    Before players step onto the field, someone needs to examine the field to make sure it is safe for play. If the field is too wet or muddy, for example, players could easily slip, twist an ankle or otherwise hurt themselves. Likewise, if the field has any ruts or holes, those are hazards that would need to be addressed before the field could be deemed playable. This may include assisting with lawn mowing, trash pick up, chalking or painting and or dragging the field. 

    Board Of Directors

    The Board of Directors is made up of 26 board members who are elected annually at the annual membership meeting in August.